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Welcome to the first blog from AJP Currency Solutions Ltd. In this first blog we would like to tell you a little about who we are, why we set up this business and how we work.

AJP is an Independent Currency Consultancy, we are based in Bourne, Lincolnshire in the UK and have a second office on the Silver Coast in Portugal. Although the company is brand new we have over 10 years’ experience of working with clients who have currency exchange requirements.

For too long banks have had their own way in all areas of finance, in the currency section they have been able to charge fees and offer rates on their own terms, there were no options, this certainly did not help business and private clients in any way shape or form.

In the UK during the early 1990’s small exchange companies started appearing, initially for holiday money and then into the commercial markets for both businesses and individuals. Nowadays there are over 100 foreign exchange companies offering currency solutions in the UK. In general these companies offer the same services, competitive rates, specified dealer etc. But some companies are stronger than others in certain aspects of the markets and that is where we saw a gap in the market, we have created a unique company, we believe the first of its kind, we act as Independent brokers using a panel of carefully selected currency providers, we look to pair our clients with the provider who we feel best suits their requirements. Because we work for our clients it is important that we understand how they are affected by currency exchange and how our recommendations can improve on their current situation. Once we understand our client’s business we are able to put forward a company from our panel to work with our client, hopefully starting a long and fruitful partnership.

At this point it is pertinent to explain how we get paid in all of this. Firstly, and most importantly we charge no fees to our clients. We have negotiated the same level of commission from the currency companies we work with so that we cannot be swayed by any extra financial inducement. Because we are looking to set up long term business relationships with our clients it is important we only get remunerated when our clients are working with us, so we receive no introducers fee from the currency companies, instead we get paid a commission each and every time our clients make a trade, no contracts are put in place when an account is opened so our clients are free to come and go as they please but as we have found with the vast majority of our clients we continue to do what we said we would do and that is to look after their best interests in the field of currency exchange, we get rewarded over a long period and our clients can relax about their currency situation as we have their backs and so it’s a win-win situation.

For many businesses currency exchange is seen as a necessary evil in order to trade worldwide, they need to be able to work in the local currency  leaving them open to the fluctuations of the markets which can have a serious impact on profit margins.

This is where we come in, we can help in this aspect of a business. Giving advice on how to make the currency market work in your favour and how to reduce the risk to your company.

One of the biggest issues with the banks is the failure to give live prices, they are happy to give indicative rates but these bear no resemblance to the figure that is actually given. For a lot of businesses the first they know about the cost of the exchange is when it appears on their statement, how can a business budget if it doesn’t know the true cost?

We liken this to giving somebody a trolley and making them do their weekly shop in a supermarket with no prices on the shelves and giving them a budget and see how they do, not knowing how much is it going to cost until they go through the checkout when it’s too late to change their mind.

Individuals and businesses alike, the minimum requirement you should be looking for is a live price that you can decide whether is good for you or not, the next stage is that it should be a competitive price and thirdly it should be easy to transact.

The companies we work with all offer live prices, competitive prices and individual dealers who can be contacted directly and can work with your business on a proactive basis, not just wait for you to call but because they will also understand your business and know that if certain things happen in the market that could be of benefit to you they will let you know. They also have your backs.

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