Sending money home whilst playing away

For every Messi there are a thousand footballers trying to make a living in the glorious game. As with any career it sometimes means having to look at moving location to find work, for a footballer that could mean a different country or even a different continent.

Nowadays it is common to see an African playing in the Lithuanian Second Division, an Asian playing in an obscure Scandanavian lower league in the hope that a scout somewhere will spot them and send them to Old Trafford for a trial.

These guys work hard at finding themselves work, some have agents, many don’t, but then without an agent and even with an agent there is a need to make every penny count, in a lot of cases money is being sent back to a home country to help support family, the Messi’s of the world have a team of financial advisors to sort this all out for them, for the rest it is a matter of looking after themselves.

At this level every penny and cent counts, this is where we can help.

We are an independent currency consultancy, we charge no fees and we only work with UK regulated currency houses, we can help players or even teams send money overseas at a much more competitive rate than using the banks, we can help with the planning of payments to make sure every single penny is squeezed out of an overseas currency transfer.

On average we are able to obtain about 4-5% more for your money than through a bank, more importantly we can discuss with you the opportunities available for forward planning, fixing a rate, ideal for a footballer on a contract, this will help for budgeting, making sure more of your money goes where it should and not into the deep pockets of the banks.

We have clients all over the world and we work with all the major currencies and quite a few of the exotics as well.

We are not a bank, we do not need to make huge amounts of profit on each trade, we are looking at building long term relationships with our clients, if you are an agent reading this and you have players that could do with our help feel free to contact us.

So if you are reading this and your name is not Messi or Ronaldo and you could do with some free advice and expertise then please contact us and let us show you what we can do.

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