Benefits of independent advice

Benefits of Independent Advice

We are a small independent currency broker, our overheads are less so we can pass on more of the savings.

Because we look to build long-term relationships we not only negotiate the most competitive rates for our clients but we also make sure they stay on competitive rates.

Currency companies always offer a better solution than the banks, but  as these currency houses grow they need to make bigger profits.

It is quite common for these companies to start to widen the margin when they feel a client is settled with them and not comparing the rate with other companies.

When we negotiate with these companies we look for a fair rate all round, one that is reviewed on an ongoing basis, if we feel our client is placing more business than anticipated then we re-negotiate for a better rate.

Because we are placing a lot of business with these companies there is a much lower chance of them trying to widen our clients margin because they know if they get caught out not only do they risk losing that client but all of the others as well.

Fortunately, we have excellent working relationships with all our panel members and thankfully we have not had to resort to these measures.

We spend time getting to know what our clients currency requirements are, because of our independence we can place them with the company we feel suits their needs perfectly.

This also gives us the option to recommend more than one company.


We placed a client with a currency company because they covered all of their needs at the time, but they moved into different markets and needed to move money out of Angola, the currency company we initially placed them with couldn’t help with this  however we were able to place it through one of our other panel members. So now the client is working with two currency companies for different parts of the business.

Because every client is different we feel we are best suited to advise and recommend which company to work with, all of our panel members work in the same way for the general needs but they all have areas that they add value in and it is important that we have access to these through our independence.

Benefits of Independent Advice
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Benefits of Independent Advice
The benefits of independent advice is that we match our clients with the perfect fir for them, if that happens to be more than one company we will do that.
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