Most of the businesses we work with were using their bank when we made contact. In the main banks offer poor exchange rates, expensive charges and usually poor customer service.

The biggest problem is that the client becomes reactive. They have to pay an invoice or send a payment and their only option is to contact the bank and request the payment to be made. At this point they are at the mercy of the bank for the rate and fees.

From all of the conversations we have with corporate clients, the single biggest issue  they face is the unknown cost of foreign exchange.

We offer online and direct dealer access, you will know the exact cost of your exchange before agreeing.

AJP will help your foreign exchange become a proactive part of your business, reducing volatility and improving your bottom line.

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Our corporate clients really are varied, we are working with importers, exporters, businesses you would expect to require foreign currency solutions but we have so many other businesses where there is a need.
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