Online facility

AJP Currency Solutions is a wholly independent currency brokerage.

The World is evolving at an incredible speed and the ability to do everything immediately is becoming more important.

The internet has enabled businesses and individuals to break down borders like never before, with this comes increased opportunities but potentially greater complications and expenditure.

For many years the banks were the only option when sending money overseas, charging high fees and poor exchange rates with no extra value service.

Currency Houses began to enter the market and now we see over 100 of these in the UK market alone. On the face of it all of these offer the same service, however, we identified a gap in the marketplace.

We have carefully selected a panel of Currency Houses from around the World that we feel offer a full range of services and expertise, these companies have been chosen because we have identified areas where they offer our clients something different.

We are very much a pro-active company, looking to help businesses and individuals alike save money and make more a more informed decision on the timing and planning of payments.