How we work

How we work

Because we are independent we go into every first meeting with potential clients with a completely open mind. We have negotiated with the currency companies we work with the same levels of commission and therefore our recommendations are based solely on who we feel meets our client’s needs exactly.

During that first meeting, whether it is face to face or via telephone we ask questions to get an understanding as to what the requirement is. From what we learn during that meeting we recommend a company or in some cases companies that we believe our clients should work with.

If we have agreement we arrange for a trading account to be opened and the business relationship begins.

It is important for our clients to understand how we are remunerated, we do not charge our clients any fees, we do not receive introducer fees from the currency companies, we are paid a commission each and every time one of our clients trades, so it is important for us to keep our clients happy and follow through with our promise of a professional service.

Because we have low overheads we are always looking to maximise the profit for our clients, for those in business it’s all about the bottom line, for individuals it’s all about getting the most for their money and that’s what we do.

We are so confident about our levels of service that we do put contracts in place with our clients, they are free to walk away at any time.

All of the currency companies we work with are UK regulated, have secure separate client accounts, they charge no fees for transfers and all use state of the art payment systems, importantly for us they all have areas they differ or specialise in, this means that if a client needs an online facility or access to an overseas office location or they are needing to work with an exotic currency we should be able to find a company for them to work with.

The setting up of an account for a client is the beginning of the ‘business relationship’ not the end, we continue to offer advice on the timing and planning of payments working alongside the recommended currency company. We also continue to monitor the currency company to make sure they are working with the correct rate of exchange, it is our experience that these companies can start to widen the rate when they feel the client is comfortable with them and no longer comparing rates, we make sure this doesn’t happen, a currency company isn’t going to run the risk of losing all of the business we put their way, thankfully we have a great working relationship with all of our panel and so we have not had any issues like this but it is important that our clients know we are looking out for them.

How we work
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How we work
Because we are independent we go into every first meeting with potential clients with a completely open mind. We only negotiate with the currency companies who we feel meet our client’s needs exactly.
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