Month: June 2020

Managing the Risk

Many exporters do not have to run the risk of currency fluctuations. They charge invoices in their own currency leaving all of the risk to the importer/buyer.

But what are the options when a buyer wants to pay in their currency?

How can I break into a tough market?

There are ways we can help you be pro-active in tough times and markets.

The biggest issue we come up against with our clients is quoting for business.

Exporters trying to break into new markets will find not only local providers as competition but also more in-country established companies.

You may be providing a cheaper quote but the concerns of currency movement can put some buyers off. They do not neccessarily want the added concerns and inconvenience of paying an invoice in another currency.

But there are ways to quote in your client’s currency AND minimise the risk to you and your business. In fact you may well improve your profit margin.

We can show you ways of competing in tough markets, taking the currency concerns away from your potential new client.

To do business, we need to make it as easy as possible for our clients to say yes.

Quoting in their local currency and taking away any concerns for them is a big step to getting that yes.

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