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Money talks, so they say.

For those with money it is becoming easier to choose where to live.

Citizenship by Investment programs are springing up across the globe, many country’s governments seeing an opportunity to raise funds.

We work with many agencies and companies involved in these programs. It is incredible how many of these investors set up in another country then rely on their bank to send their money over.

There are two main points here.

Firstly, even UHNWI with private banking will still get poor rates of exchange from their bank. It’s just another service they can make money from.

Secondly, and more importantly, do you really want to let your bank know where you are relocating to?

If you are considering moving from a less than democratic area do you want to be promoting where you are going?

Using a company such as ours gives the most competitive rates available and an extra layer of security and anonymity.

Currency transfers would come through our banking system rather than your bank processing the transfer knowing exactly where the new account is.

Especially important with state run banks.

We are happy to offer our range of services to clients around the world making a fresh start.

The process can be drawn out with payments being made at intervals, we are able to fix a rate when favourable for the client, your bank cannot do this.

Please remember, use agents with local knowledge of the program you are interested in. Understand the cost, benefits and timeframe before committing.

Citizenship by Investment is not for everyone but it offers significant opportunities for individuals looking to relocate into new areas.

Whether it be more favourable tax regimes, the ability to move around an area without a visa or to expand a business we can help.

Introduction to one of our favoured partners and of course our knowledge and expertise with Foreign Exchange and related services.

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