Online Platform

Transparent Pricing

We agree a tight spread from the mid-market exchange rate to ensure you always achieve the most competitive exchange rates.

No Payment Fees

Store beneficiary details and send payments to multiple beneficiaries at no extra cost.

Secure Faster Payments

All payments are sent via the SWIFT network. We have four settlement cycles per day which ensures we can credit beneficiary accounts within two hours.

Bank Validation

Our proprietary banking code algorithm verifies bank details to ensure incorrect details are not entered and speeds up the payment process.

Real-Time Tracking

See the status of your payments in real-time. Receive instant payment confirmations when your onward payment has been made.

Trade History

View all of your previous trades and payments online. Set specific criteria to find data quickly and to ease internal audit processes.

Click here to access our demo platform. Login is AJPclientdemo and the password is Currency2020!